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Westmoreland County Resource Guide

The guide is list of resources and information related to Covid-19 that has been gathered specifically for the needs of residents of Westmoreland County.  Sources have been gathered from global, national, state, county and local organizations, but is by no means a comprehensive list. This is a living document that will be updated as often as possible, but with the constantly developing situation, information may become outdated quickly. You can find the guide here. 


Upcoming Events

Unemployment Benefits Webinar

The government has shut down our jobs and promised us unemployment benefits. But we’re all running into issues. We’re confused about how to apply or whether we quality. We can’t get through on the phone. We can’t get our PIN. Join a long time unemployment expert, Barney Oursler, to answer your questions about the unemployment system & to get tips on how to apply.  

Please Register for Thursday April 9 at 10AM here

Please register for Monday April 13 at 12PM here. 

Once you register you will receive Zoom information. 

Deep Canvassing Training

Deep canvassing is a way of talking to voters that gets beyond the usual partisan divides and allows us to have longer, more personal conversations to really connect with people and build a relationship over the phone. We believe this is the most impactful way that we can talk to voters in this moment. This training will provide an introduction to the deep canvassing methodology, and we will practice storytelling and compassionate curiosity and listening. 

Please Register for Monday April 13 at 5PM here.  

Please register for Saturday April 18 at 11AM here. 

Once you register you will receive Zoom information.

Virtual Political Education Series

Join us to learn about issues and past campaigns that inform our current moment. We will be joined by amazing activists and organizers from across the country! The series includes:

1. The Untold Story of Unemployment Insurance in PA: April 9, 7pm
2. Organizing in the Great Depression: April 16, 7pm
3. The Black Panther Movement: April 23, 7pm
4. Worker Organizing in Non-Traditional Workplaces: April 30, 7pm
5. Movement Building through Teacher Strikes: May 7, 7pm

Once you register you will receive Zoom information. Please Register here

 VOW Weekly Coffee Chats (Online!) 

Register for Zoom meeting here: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/v5Upf-iprT0vnXlHJHiikfRgTsNr9mC1_A

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