Identifies and supports movement candidates who support our values and mission.

VOW Endorses Aaron Moore for Arnold City Council and Shannon Santucci for Mayor of Arnold!

Community First Campaign Promises:

  • Professional and transparent city council meetings that give answers to the community
  • Invest in youth and adult education and expand the community outreach center’s programs
  • Revive and empower city committees, including the Recreation Committee and the Zoning Committee

Our Candidate Pledge

We won’t take corporate cash. We promise to run a local, people-funded campaign. We will not take a penny from corporate PACs, corporations, or landlords that profit off exploitation.

We will always stand with poor and working-class people, whether black, white, or brown, to make a better future for all of us. We will always stand with people who are working the hardest, whether it’s for low or even no wages. We will never cross a picket line, and remember that our fight is with the 1%, big business, and the powerful few who protect them — not with each other.

We commit to building a multi-racial, multi-generational grassroots movement. We will run and govern as an expression of this movement, not as individual saviors. We will focus on issues, organize alongside people of all races, classes, and genders during our campaign, and govern together when we win.