Saturday 7/29/2022: The PA United Member Convening was a hit! We met people from all across the state, worked with our sister chapters, and made some exciting plans for 2022 and beyond. We are building a powerful movement that will transform our community!

Thursday 7/14/2022: Westmoreland County Commissioners have allocated a portion of American Rescue Plan Funding, but we are disappointed that none of those funds will be going towards mental health services. We call on our commissioners to do the right thing and and address the mental health crisis in our county today!

Tuesday 7/5/2022: We will not stand aside as our rights are taken from us by the Supreme Court! We met as an organization to process, strategize, and plan upcoming actions to preserve the bodily autonomy of women and people with uteruses!

Tuesday 6/21/2022: Longtime VOW leader and founder of Unity in the Community Ronel Baccus received the Racial Justice Award from the Greensburg Chapter of the YWCA for her outstanding efforts to build community, raise awareness, and further racial harmony and inclusiveness.

Saturday 6/11/2022: We rallied with community members in St. Clair Park to demand action on the gun violence plaguing our nation. Thoughts and prayers are not enough, we need reform!

Thursday 6/9/2022: VOW Members Attended the County Commissioners meeting alongside residents of Jeannette Manor to demand action to improve our public housing. The meeting was delayed to be in compliance with Sunshine Laws.