Voice of Westmoreland works every day to empower the people of our county. If you believe in the importance of affordable healthcare, clean air and water, racial justice, a living wage, quality education and fair government, then join us!

Join a VOW Team for the 2020 election!

So much is at stake this November: the dignity and safety of Black people, economic justice for the working class, public health in the face of a global pandemic, and more. If we want to un-elect Trump on November 3 and build a strong movement for our work in 2021, we need YOUR HELP. 💪

Join a team with VOW to volunteer and contact tens of thousands of Westmoreland voters before November. There is something for everyone of any skill level, and ALL of our work will be done safely over internet/zoom. 💻📱

Don’t leave it up to chance on November 3rd. Start volunteering now to build a strong movement that will carry us to and through Election Day.