Who is VOW?

Voice of Westmoreland, also known as VOW, is a non-partisan grassroots movement powered by the people. As a community-based non-profit, our actions are driven by the passion of volunteers. We provide and support opportunities for all people of Westmoreland County to have a voice in the issues that affect their lives.

VOW’s roots come from humble beginnings. In 2017, a group of six concerned citizens gathered around a kitchen table and decided to make their voices heard. Believing that all citizens of Westmoreland should have a voice, they planted the seeds for us to develop into a 300+ member strong group that continues to grow.

 How We’ve Taken Action (so far!)

  • Covid Equity Team has performed several vital services since the beginning of the pandemic including but not limited to:
    • Coalition building with Parkview Church to perform a Covid vaccine clinic
    • Westmoreland County is getting over $100 million in COVID Relief Money and how the money will be spent is largely up to our elected officials. From thousands of conversations with community residents, 800 survey results from community members, and local stakeholders, we have created a list of priorities that center the needs of those most impacted! 
    • Regularly attending Commissioner’s Meetings to keep accountability with our public servants
  • Stood with IUE-CWA Union at Latrobe Brewery during the informational picket and eventual strike in 2022
  • Stood with United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania in 2021 to request higher pay for home health care staff
  • In the fall of 2019 Voice of Westmoreland became an official chapter of Pennsylvania United
  • Held a public candlelight vigil in January 2022 to honor and remember loved ones lost to Covid

This is a small list of the ways Voice of Westmoreland has taken action. If you are ready to join the action please feel free to sign up and attend the next organizing call where we can welcome you!

CLICK HERE for upcoming calls and events! –

 or message amandarose@paunited.org.